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Paint Horses - Paint ponies for sale, Paint Pony Hunters, Paint Hunter Jumpers, Paint Performance Horses, Paint Sport Horses, Paint Sport Ponies and Paint Hunter Champions.
Karen Griffith Farms - Home of Atahi
Karen Griffith Farms ·  34440 State Route 7 · Pomeroy, Ohio  45769
Call: (740) 992-5782 · E-mail: griffith@frognet.net

Discover The Rewards!

Own a Paint Horse or Paint Pony
Produced From 30+ Years of Selective Breeding!

Twelve Outstanding Paint / Stallions Available For Breeding:

Whatever your discipline, size, or color desire, there is a stallion here to meet your needs!

· Sport Pony Stallions
· Sport Horse Stallions
· Reining / Cutting Stallions
· Pony Hunter Stallions
· Barrel Racing Stallions
· Hunter Jumper Stallions
· Eventing Stallions
· Racing Stallions
· Driving Stallions
· Dressage Stallions

There are many sport pony prospects and horses for sale that are not yet added to this website.

Call Karen at (740) 992-5782 for details and current information.

After speaking with you, she can learn your goals and abilities as a rider, and then match you with the perfect partner. Each horse and pony is sound, willing, and talented!

If you're looking for that perfect sport pony stallion to stand at stud on your farm, there are two exceptional young stallions available that will put you in the winner's circle.

Call Karen at (740) 992-5782 for photos and all the details. Make a name for yourself in the show ring and breeding world that others spend a lifetime attaining.

Every one of Karen's stallions has correct structure, great movement, and sweet dispositions.

Breed your good mare to raise that pretty moving Paint Horse or Pony.

Enjoy going to the barn to work with a hardy, healthy, sweet minded, quick learner.

Competitive Success:

Looking for your next Devon Champion? Look no further!

In the 1990's for 3 out of 4 years, the Champion or First Place Pony in the hunter breeding division at The Devon Horse Show was foaled from stock sold through Karen Griffith Farms. These ponies have gone on to multiple Championships Over Fences at AA shows.
Karen would like to take this time to congratulate "Otteridge Pow Wow" and "Otteridge Blackhawk" on their outstanding accomplishments. Here's to your continued success against the best Pony Hunters in the world.
Make the New Millennium your years for stardom!

Multiple AHSA Open Hunter Champions over fences have been bred, foaled, and raised at Karen Griffith Farms.

The blood of our reining/cutting stallions is unsurpassed.

This is the place to buy or breed for your next Paint Champion!

Over 30 Paint Horse and Pony Show Prospects For Sale:

The best selection of sound, colorful, quality paint horses and ponies in the country! There are always at least 60 head of quality homebred Paints on the farm.

· Large Pony Hunters
· Medium Pony Hunters
· Small Pony Hunters
· Hunter Horses
· Dressage Ponies
· Dressage Horses
· Sport Ponies
· Sport Pony Stallions
· Sport Horses
· Sport Horse Stallions
· Western Pleasure Ponies
· Quarter Ponies
· Quarter Pony Stallions
· Reiners/Cutters
· Reining/Cutting Stallions
· Barrel Horse Prospects
· Team Penning Horses
· Driving Ponies
· Driving Horses
· Driving Teams
The most consistently sane, sound, correct herd of horses and ponies you'll find. All born on the farm and raised in grassy fields where they play, learn, and grow.

You can see the sires, dams and grandparents on site when you visit Karen Griffith Farms.

Exceptional Soundness and Longevity:

Most of Karen Griffith Farms' stock descends from the senior herd stallion, Atahi. This fine stallion still sports a perfect set of feet and legs at 31 years of age!

His dam was still sound and going strong at 32, and his grand-dam was sound and working at 38 years of age!

Not one of Atahi's offspring has had to interrupt their career due to unsoundness.

An added benefit to you is that the animals from Karen Griffith Farms can work and show barefoot.

Unparalleled Pedigrees:

The best Foundation Quarter Horse and Foundation Paint Horse blood found anywhere today.

Karen's breeding animals have always been carefully selected for flawless structure, athletic ability, and willing dispositions.

Knowledge and Experience:

Karen Griffith is a graduate of The Ohio State University's highly rated College of Agriculture and has over 30 years practical experience. This allows her to sensibly assist you in buying and breeding decisions.

Affordable Transportation:

National and international transportation is easily arranged for purchased animals.

West Nile Virus Update!
New Treatment Option!

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Articles & Tips Archive:
Equine Health and Nutrition Newsletter "The bots were terrible this summer!"

Sound familiar, as everyone scratches their head wondering what to do about the aggravating situation?

Click here to find out what to do!


Karen Griffith Farms · 34440 State Route 7 · Pomeroy, Ohio  45769
Call: (740) 992-5782 · E-mail: griffith@frognet.net
Web site: www.karengriffith.com

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