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About Karen
Karen Griffith Farms ·  34440 State Route 7 · Pomeroy, Ohio  45769
Call: (740) 992-5782 · E-mail: griffith@frognet.net

Karen GriffithKaren is a 1974 graduate of The Ohio State University, College of Agriculture, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science. She returned to obtain a second degree in Agricultural Education, and her Master's work is in Large Animal Nutrition and Physiology. From 1976 through 1978, Karen also served as head research associate for the O.S.U. Surgical Research Department.

Professional equine articles by Karen Griffith have appeared in many top equine publications including Performance Horseman and Horse & Rider.

From 1978-1981, Karen was Equine Science director for the Delaware City-County Joint Vocational School, Delaware, Ohio. (This is located at the heart of Standardbred racing country in the United States. It is the home of "The Little Brown Jug", one of the three jewels in Standardbred racing's " Triple Crown". Horse people from this area, with good reason, expect results and demand perfection.) Here, Karen developed a comprehensive course of study for high school students that included equine anatomy, nutrition, parasite control, reproductive physiology, stable and farm management, stallion and mare management, sales, farm promotion and advertising, western and English riding, and the breaking and training of young horses. She also coached their horse judging team to a State Championship and Top Ten National Status. During this busy time, Karen also served as coach and riding instructor for Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio. Many of Karen's past students continue to stay in contact with her, and have very successful careers in the equine industry as trainers, farm managers, reproductive specialists, etc.

In 1981, Karen was recruited as a livestock nutritionist and field manager by the Furst-McNess Co., of Freeport, Illinois. Here she was responsible for the nutritional programs of over 100 dairy, beef, hog, and horse operations. In addition to these farms, she was also responsible for the entire dairy and beef nutritional programs of The West Virginia State Farm Commission. From 1981-1984, she was the field manager and trainer of 22 sales and marketing representatives in Ohio and West Virginia.

During this entire series of events, Karen had maintained and built her Paint horse breeding operation. Her program was established in 1959 and by the early 80's Karen had developed one of the most consistently athletic, sane, sound herds in the country. In 1984, she left the security of a paying job to begin the full time endeavor of raising her beautiful, athletic Paint horses.

Karen now offers many services to the equine industry that are much needed. Not only is she supplying the industry with what many people from around the world say are the top Paint horses to be found anywhere, she is also available as a clinician and a private nutritional and farm management consultant. With these services, she assists private horse farms with their acquisition of appropriate brood stock, sets up nutritional programs (area specific), makes suggestions on facility layout (barn, pasture, etc.), suggests inoculation/parasite control schedules (area specific), and supplies a comprehensive source of educational materials. If requested, she will also assist with farm manager interviewing, spending management, record keeping set ups, sales/marketing campaigns, etc.

"Karen is very knowledgeable in her field. Her class presentation was terrific!....Karen kept her students enthused and captive with her great sense of humor and with fun stories that made science 'come alive' ! Karen is a good person to do business with and a great judge and teacher."

Lynette Coller, Stevensville, Montana
Karen also holds clinics for various clubs and groups. The topics most requested are: "Mare and stallion selection-form/function vs. pedigree", and "An anatomy and orthopedic management forum. Form, function, and soundness from birth to maturity--or--How to raise a sound, athletic foal and keep him that way!"

"....the most structurally correct herd of horses I've seen! Any one of Karen's horses would have met my strict standards. Karen knows how to select the animal the customer needs. In all aspects of the industry, she's the most knowledgeable horseperson I've ever met! ....a great person with which to do business!"

Ricki Fellows, Warrenton, Virginia
From 1984 to the present, Karen has owned and operated all of the facets of Karen Griffith Farms. There are always at least 60 head of quality homebred Paints on the farm, and she has access to a large variety of other animals that trusted and accomplished friends in the business have raised. She is currently standing twelve outstanding Paint stallions. These stallions encompass any discipline a mare owner could choose. The consistent attributes of her stallions and breeding program are soundness, athletic ability, and a sane, willing disposition. With these qualities, horses from Karen Griffith Farms' breeding will be major contributors to the equine world well into the next millennium.


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Some of Karen's Other Interests

Music has always been a big factor in Karen's life. She was a member of the All Ohio Youth Choir in 1969-70, and with this group toured Western Europe. She also served as solo trumpet player for this 120 voice choir.

Karen has been well known for her abilities on the trumpet, and has given many solo performances in the United States and Europe. She was a first chair trumpet player at the Ohio State University (concert band, brass choir, jazz ensemble, brass quintet, etc.). In 1973, Karen was the first woman to make the Ohio State University Marching Band in a regular marching position. The O.S.U. band had been 'male only' for 98 years. This tryout was the result of Title IX of The Higher Education Act of 1972. (The stories of this experience could fill another web site, but we'll pass on that for right now!)

She has been active in the O.S.U Alumni Band from 1974 to the present. (Performing in the U.S., Ireland, and Germany.)

Karen has performed in her local community band, serves as bugler at military services, and has given performances at various shows as lead trumpet in a Dixieland group made up of talented local performers. She has also played guitar and sung for local area shows, etc.

Photography is one of Karen's hobbies. Her work has been displayed at several shows, including The Bank One Art Show/Ohio University, Athens, Ohio.

Having lost three immediate family members to cancer from 1988-1993, Karen has developed a passion for helping fund cancer research. As a result, Karen and her mother Maxine (a cancer survivor since 1988) were co-chairman for Meigs County's "Relay For Life - 1999".

Some other activities that Karen enjoys, but has little time for these days, are boating, swimming, and water skiing. In the 70's, she obtained her W.S.I., from Ohio State University, and taught junior and senior lifesaving.

In the summer, Karen also does landscape design for a few area businesses and home owners.


Karen Griffith Farms · 34440 State Route 7 · Pomeroy, Ohio  45769
Call: (740) 992-5782 · E-mail: griffith@frognet.net
Web site: www.karengriffith.com

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