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Sport Horse Stallions For Sale

Sport Horse Stallions for Sale
Welcome to the home of Atahi
Senior herd stallion of
Karen Griffith Farms

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Phantom Heart

PHANTOM HEART - 1991 APHA golden palomino and white tobiano stallion. Pinto Colored Sport Horse Deluxe! This 1/2 Thoroughbred stallion is a dressage, hunter/jumper, or event breeder's dream come true. He also has the speed that top race competitors seek. "Phantom" has exceptional movement in all three gaits. He tracks up under himself smartly at the walk and his trot is long, sweeping and flat kneed. His canter is beautiful in either collection or extension. It is ground covering and smooth. "Phantom's" markings are beautiful. He has a palomino head with big dark eyes and a nice blaze. His body markings are 50/50 and very nicely placed. To say that "Phantom" has a pleasant disposition is an understatement. He is well mannered, very willing, and one of the most giving horses you'll come across. He has clean straight legs with a lot of bone, and good sized feet. He should maintain the same soundness of his sire and dam.

He is by "Atahi" (APHA - black and white tobiano stallion, AHSA Open Hunter Champion Sire), who is 31 years young and still going strong. His dam is "Phantom Smasher" (black TB mare - 16 hands), who came off the track sound after multiple wins and five years of racing. "Phantom Smasher" is also a lovely mover and should have gone on to the dressage ring after she left the track. She is by "Smashing Success" (TB), who is a Black Type winner of 13 races and a sire of multiple Stakes Winners, and out of "Sly Phantom" (TB), who had 17 wins over a six year racing career and is also a dam of multiple race winners.

"Phantom Heart" stands 15-2 hands. Since his sire and dam are both black, he is able to throw the black and white tobianos so many of you look for. His first foal was a beautiful black and white tobiano filly, out of a solid bay, 1/2 TB mare! (I like her so much, I am keeping her to show myself and then put into my breeding herd.) He also has thrown buckskin and chestnut out of palomino mares. These foals all sold prior to beginning their training. Since, Phantom carries the diluter gene, he is able to throw the rare and sought after palomino, grulla, and buckskin paints. All of his foals to date have been #10 movers with beautiful conformation and sweet personalities.

"Phantom Heart's" loving disposition, flashy color, exceptional breeding, and classic movement will make him a crowd pleaser, a winner in speed events, and an unstoppable success in the breeding barn. Get a jump start in the sport horse business by owning a proven producer. Reasonably priced at $25,500. Breeding fee $500.


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K G Raven Heart

K G RAVEN HEART - 1995 APHA jet black and white tobiano stallion. By "Ebony Heart" (APHA full brother to American Horse Show Association Hunter Champion, "Bedazzle"), and out of "Steal My Heart" (APHA homozygous tobiano "Atahi" daughter). "Raven" is line-bred "Atahi" and it shows! He is the stallion we've been awaiting to fill Atahi's shoes. A Pinto Sport Horse breeder's dream! This outstanding boy has perfect legs with plenty of bone and great feet. He has a gorgeous head with a star, stripe, and snip, large dark "Atahi" eyes, and a very refined neck. (Raven has the most elegant neck on a mature stallion that you've ever seen.) His topline is strong, tying into a beautiful hip, and he has a wonderful slope to his shoulder. "Raven's" movement is fluid and reaching. His markings are 60/40 (black/white), and are beautifully placed. He is a lovely sight under saddle. A recent customer, who was stunned by his beauty, described him simply as "A work of art!"

"Raven Heart" is smart, athletic, and classy! Being line-bred "Atahi", he should stamp his get with these same exceptional qualities. He's the "do-it-all" kind of horse that "makes a living" for the people around him. "K G Raven Heart's" book will be limited to 20 outside mares. Introductory breeding fee $750.

NEWS FLASH!!! .....All of Raven's foals to date have been loud tobianos out of solid mares. If Raven's future foals are half as good as these, his offspring are going to be the Paints to beat in the new millennium!!

"K G Raven Heart" will be syndicated this year. This will allow discriminating breeders to benefit from this outstanding individual's superb genetics and ability. For detailed information on obtaining breeding shares of "Raven Heart", interested parties can contact Karen Griffith Farms - Phone: (740)-992-5782, E-mail: griffith@frognet.net


K G BRAVEHEART - 1996 APHA bright chestnut and white tobiano stallion. By "Ebony Heart" (APHA black stallion), out of "Touch My Heart" (APHA chestnut and white tobiano mare). This is one of the best made, most beautifully marked stallion prospects I've seen in the United States in years. "K G Braveheart" has "APHA Champion" written all over him! He stands 15-1 hands. "Brave" will make a really flashy reiner. He has also shown an interest in working cattle. He's 'catty' in his movement, and has the most gorgeous, long, white, full mane you've ever seen! ("K G Braveheart" is very versatile in his abilities and when worked over fences, has lovely, correct form. He is extraordinary in all three gaits. Hunter mare owners will love him!) His legs are wonderful (correct, plenty of bone, and great feet), his body is well muscled with proper angles to be a superior athlete, and his graceful neck and beautiful head set off an outstanding package! To top off these bold physical qualities, he has a sweet, inquisitive attitude. The kind that begets a stallion who is willing, easy to handle, and develops into a brilliant performer and breeder. He works beautifully under saddle, and has proved to be intelligent, light, and eager to please. (Last summer, a 14 year old girl exercised him under saddle everyday.)

"Braveheart" is line-bred "Atahi", and should mark his get with all of the outstanding traits Karen Griffith Farms has been working to achieve over the last thirty years. Make a name for yourself in the show ring and breeding world that others spend a lifetime attaining! A good investment for financial success at $25,500. Introductory breeding fee $500.


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Atahi II

ATAHI II - 1999 APHA jet black and white tobiano stallion. You can tell by his name how this spectacular young stallion has been evaluated! "Atahi II" is Big, Black, and Beautiful! For twenty-six years the name "Atahi" had belonged to one horse only! I've added a 'II' after the name to describe just how perfect this stud is! He is 70% black and 30% white. His markings are fantastic, and his conformation is faultless! He has an exceptionally sweet, willing disposition. He is a double grandson of "Atahi". "Atahi II" is the best balanced, highest quality black and white stallion (tobiano or overo) of his age that I've ever seen. I feel he will produce the next (fifth) generation of successful, sound, beautiful, Paint horses at Karen Griffith Farms.

He is by "Ebony Heart" (APHA black stallion-outstanding own son of "Atahi", AHSA Champion Sire), out of "Win My Heart" (APHA dark bay and white, homozygous, tobiano mare-one of "Atahi's" best daughters). Keep in mind that the great horses like Leo, Wimpy, etc., etc., were produced by this half brother, half sister mating of prepotent, genetically correct sires. I waited 20 years to line breed "Atahi" offspring. I wish I had begun sooner, but I'm old fashioned, and wanted to breed to a large variety of mares to make sure there were no 'fluke' genes there to crop up. You've probably heard the old saying....."You could breed that horse to a hay wagon and make a race horse! " Well, "Atahi" has proven to be one of those genetically superior stallions. With "Atahi II's superb genetics, absolutely flawless conformation, willing disposition, and beautiful coloring, he should stamp his offspring with all of the outstanding qualities that Karen Griffith Farms has worked so diligently to achieve over the last 30 years. Introductory breeding fee $750.

"Atahi II" is not available for outright purchase, but I will begin to sell reserved breeding shares this year. To obtain syndication/price information, contact Karen Griffith, at Karen Griffith Farms, 34440 State Route 7, Pomeroy, Ohio 45769. Phone-740-992-5782. Or E-mail me at griffith@frognet.net


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