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Hyacinth - 12.1 1/2 Hand Small Pony Hunter

Talented Small Pony Hunter

Pretty Enough to Model
Sweet and Talented Enough to Work

2000 registered Welsh Section B filly. 12.1 1/2 hands.

In 2002, this filly was RAWF Reserve Champion - Junior Mares. She was successfully shown in short stirrup in 2003 (12 shows).

  • She does her lead changes - She's really honest to the fences
  • Hyacinth is pretty enough to model
  • This lovely girl jumps very well
  • Eligible Green... can't get any better than that!

    Here is a safe pony to start your child's show career.
  • Very reasonably priced!

    Lead Changes are a BreezeRAWF Reserve Champion


    For more information, call Karen Griffith (740)-992-5782. E-mail: griffith@frognet.net


To see the great selection of Paint/Pinto horses and ponies
for sale at Karen Griffith Farms Click here!

You'll find over 30 Paint Horse and Pony Show Prospects For Sale:
  • large and medium pony hunters
  • reiners and cutters
  • open hunters
  • sport horses
  • barrel prospects
  • sport ponies
  • driving teams
  • dressage horses / ponies
The most consistently sane, sound, correct herd of horses and ponies you'll find.
All born on the farm and raised in grassy fields where they play, learn, and grow.

You can see the sires, dams and grandparents on site when you visit Karen Griffith Farms.
Whatever your discipline, size, or color desire, there is a horse or pony here to meet your needs.

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Karen Griffith Farms · 34440 State Route 7 · Pomeroy, Ohio  45769
Call: (740) 992-5782 · E-mail: griffith@frognet.net
Web site: www.karengriffith.com

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