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Pedigree for Brown Sugar Charly - AKA: Charlie Brown
AQHA #1,365,163

1967 buckskin stallion
Breeder: John A Wood, Wilkesville, Ohio
Owner: Karen Griffith, Pomeroy, Ohio

100% AQHA Foundation Pedigree.

Offspring/production records follow this pedigree.

* (Denotes available Foundation Quarter Horse photo or Foundation Quarter Horse story. Click on the underlined link to see the horse pictures and learn the beginnings of the American Quarter Horse Association.)

Paint Foals by Brown Sugar Charly:
· Atahi
· Halloween
· Sugar Blues


Black Sano - AQHA #139720 - 1958 black, Sire of ROM Arena offspring. (Breeder: Punk Snyder, Melvin, Texas) Scooter S - AQHA #5000 - 1943 bay, Leading Maternal Grandisire of AQHA Champions. Leading Sire of ROM Arena Qualifiers. Sire of ROM Race, AQHA Champion, High Pt. Performance, Superior Performance, Superior Halter, and ROM Arena offspring. Many Producing Daughters. (Punk Snyder, Melvin, Tx.) Silver King - AQHA #183 - 1937 bay, A, Sire of ROM Race, AQHA Champion, ROM Arena offspring. Many Producing Daughters. (King Ranch, Kingsville, Tx.) Old Sorrel - AQHA #209 - 1915 chestnut, AQHA Hall of Fame Hickory Bill Peter McCue - AQHA Hall of Fame
Lucretia M
Dr Rose Mare  
Clegg Mare 3 Sam Watkins Hickory Bill
 Hattie W
Scar Face S - AQHA #5863 - 1935 brown, ROM Race producer. (W.T. Waggoner, Vernon, Tx.) Bailey Old Joe Bailey Eureka
Susie McQuirter

Mare by Midnight

Midnight Badger by Peter McCue - AQHA Hall of Fame
Nellie Trammel by Pid Hart
Yellow Wolf Mare Yellow Wolf by Old Joe Bailey
Waggoner Mare
Evening Blue - AQHA #52371 - 1948 dun, Producing Mare. (LeRoy Spires, Jr., Snyder, Tx.) Tinker Toy - AQHA #4448 - 1943 palomino, Sire of ROM Race offspring. Many Producing daughters. (Loys Adams, Snyder, Tx.) Gold Toy Pan Toy Old Jim - #10
Toots Little Fort Black Bob
Silver Starlet - AQHA #647 - 1938 dun (LeRoy Spires, Jr., Snyder, Tx) Silver Yates Stud  
Stars and Stripes - AQHA #649 - 1935 bay Jim Harmon Baker by Peter McCue - AQHA Hall of Fame
Long Tail  
Paula's Dot - AQHA #112841 - 1956 bay, dam of Multiple Arena Winners. (Breeder: Deb Howard, Little Rock Arkansas) V Day - AQHA #7988 - 1945 bay, A, Sire of ROM Race, AQHA Champion, ROM Arena offspring. Many Producing Daughters. (Ott Adams, Alice, Tx.) Joe Moore - AQHA #1856 - 1927 bay, Leading Maternal Grandsire of ROM Race Qualifiers, Sire of ROM Race,ROM Arena offspring. Many Producing Daughters. (Ott Adams, Alice, Tx.)

Little Joe (Ott Adams, Alice, Tx.)

Traveler - AQHA Hall of Fame  
Jenny Sykes Rondo
Old May Mangum
Della Moore * (Breeder: Ludovic Stemmons, Scott,La., Owner: Ott Adams, Alice, Tx.) Old DJ Henry Star
Hernandez Mare Dewey (TB)
Mare By Beauregard (QH)
Marina - AQHA #2365 - 1941 brown, ROM Race producer (L.T. Burns, Yoakum, Tx.) Chicaro Bill - AQHA #1297 - 1930 brown Chicaro (TB) *Chicle (TB)
Windy (TB)

Verna Grace AQHA #1439 - 1926 Bay (Ott Adams/King Ranch)

Little Joe by Traveler
Johnny Wilkens
Cholla Joe Ratliff  
Nacks Grey Cotton Eyed Joe by Little Joe
Paula McCue - AQHA #16498 - 1944 grey (W.G.Byford, Butler, Ok.) Chief - AQHA #5 - 1917 brown, Sire of ROM Race offspring. Many Producing Daughters. (W. Stinson, Hammon, Ok.) Peter McCue - 1895 chestnut, AQHA Hall of Fame Dan Tucker Barny Owens
Butt Cut
Nora M Voltiguer (TB)
Kitty Clyde (TB)
Little Annie Jeff C Printer II by Cold Deck
Bessie Pat
Blue - Waggoner Mare (W.T. Waggoner Ranch, Vernon, Tx.) Freddie Bay Lightning  
Waggoner Mare (W.T. Waggoner Ranch, Vernon, Tx.) Waggoner Horse  
Waggoner Mare  


The following production records of horses listed in the above pedigree are copied from The Quarter Horse Reference - 1974.

Black Sano. ROM ARENA OFFSPRING: Pana Domino

Scooter S - A Leading Maternal Grandsire Of AQHA Champions (See Charts In Front Of Book), A Leading Sire Of ROM Arena Qualifiers (See Charts In Front Of Book). ROM RACE OFFSPRING: Red Scooter. AQHA CHAMPION OFFSPRING: Bay Punk, He Wolf, Motor Scooter, Penny Pendleton, San Saba Scooter, Scooter Buzz, Scooter Ed. HIGH POINT PERFORMANCE OFFSPRING: Mackay Chili, Motor Scooter. SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE OFFSPRING: Mertz Scooter, Motor Scooter, San Saba Lady, San Saba Scooter, Scooter Buzz. SUPERIOR HALTER OFFSPRING: Mitzi M, Silver King Lady. ROM ARENA OFFSPRING: Bay Punk, Bill's Jan Bobby Burnett,Chupaflora, Chupaflore, Dolly Doll Johnson, Double Bay, He Wolf, High Scooter, Little Dee Gee, Mackay Chili, Mackay Upset, Margie Scooter, Oh Pretty Penny, Penny Pendleton, Quanah, Royal Scooter, San Jac, San Saba Lady, San Saba Scooter, Scooter Buzz, Scooter Ed, Scooter Hays, Scooter Jake, Scooter Landis, Scooter Pen, Scooter Tex, Scooter's Bueno, Scooter's Choice, Scooter's Lad, Scooter's Punk, Shortcut, Snappy Brown, Snyder's Snip, Snyder's Waltonia, Sue's Scooter, Tish. PRODUCING DAUGHTERS: Ann Scooter, Annie's Scoot, Buda's Scooter, Dainty Damsel, Daisy Doll Jo, Dulce Ann, Keepsake Bay, Lady Charlita, Lady S, Lady Snyder, Little Scoot, Margie Scooter, Miss Crayola, Miss Donna Hunt, Miss Punk, Mitzi Doane, Scooter Jane, Scooter's Dixie, Scooter's Dot, Scooter's Katy, Silver King Lady, Silver Lucille, Snappy Brown, Snyder's Loceta, Snyder's Slippers, Snyder's Waltonia, Squaw Baby Lou.

Silver King by Old Sorrel. ROM RACE OFFSPRING: Chantilly Lace, Davril, Diamond Breeze, Diamond Decorator, Diamond Dusty, Diamond Fox, Diamond Signal, Double Diamond (Two Eyed Jack's sire), Little Dave May, Sierra Breeze. AQHA CHAMPION OFFSPRING: Baldy Silver. ROM ARENA OFFSPRING: Baldy Silver, Bud Turner, Diamond Signal, Domingo King, King Jerry, King Jo Silver, Lady Anson, Quedow, Silver's Tonka. PRODUCING DAUGHTERS: Black Bess, Cowgirl M, Davril, Diamond Breeze, Diamond Cinnamon, Diamond Dusty, Diamond Ginger May, Fancy Indian, Gracie Burns, Hope Brown, Little Darn, Miss Arrow Lee, Miss Elli, Miss John Scott, Mrs John Scott H H, Nicky Kay, Pancha Fields, Sierra Glitter, Silver Chick, Silver Highness, Silver Nell, Silver Sierra, Silver Sniff, Silver Susie, Silver Touch, Sissy S, Susie Walker, Westphal April, Westphal Honey.

Scar Face S By Bailey. ROM RACE OFFSPRING: Double Diamond (Two Eyed Jack's Sire).

Tinker Toy. ROM RACE OFFSPRING: Golden Arrow. PRODUCING DAUGHTERS: Evening Blue, Lady Bella, Tinker's Trinket.

V Day, 45 (Joe Moore x Marina), A. ROM RACE OFFSPRING: Graveman, Juris, Vee Day's Honey. AQHA CHAMPION OFFSPRING: Vinire. ROM ARENA OFFSPRING: Demurrer, Venire. PRODUCING DAUGHTERS: Beebe Brooks, Butterfly V Day, Mollie Horton, Ruth Matthews, Sally Won't Talk, Vee Day Girl, Vee Day's Honey.

Joe Moore, (Little Joe x Della Moore), A Leading Maternal Grandsire of ROM Race Qualifiers (See Charts In Front Of Book). ROM RACE OFFSPRING: Ben Jay, Big Booger, Joe Jet, Johnny Moore, Lee Moore, Lena, Liz Parker, Miss Della Moore, Monita, Ottie Adams, Sadie Parker, Senorita Bonita, Stella Moore, Stevy, V Day, Yours Truly. ROM ARENA OFFSPRING: Ottie's Brother. PRODUCING DAUGHTERS: Annie Bell, Blue Bonnet A, Bonnie Parker, Brownie Hughes, Demantina, Dolores G, Dot Mackay, Eve, Fairy Adams, Fay Moore, Flaxie Moore, Gladys Moore, Hinnant's Babe, Jo Etta, Jody Mo, Jaunita, Keeno, Kitty Wells, La Price, Lecovayo, Little Lula Belle Adams, Little Marina Adams, Liz Parker, Lomita, M & M's Cherokee, Mackay Dot, Marina Moore, May Bell, Mazie McKee, Mi Amorcita, Mi Amorcita, Miss Alice C, Miss Bonilee Gee, Miss Della Moore, Miss Mangum, Monita, Muchacha Mia, Needa Jo Moore, Nellie Hughes, Paisana, Pay Parker, Pride's Jew Baby, Rocking R, Senorita Bonita, Smith's Connie, Sophisticated Lady, Stella Moore, Tecovaya, Tosca, Verta Carter, Yours Truly, Yvonne Menard.

Marina By Chicaro Bill. ROM RACE OFFSPRING: V Day

Chicaro Bill, A Leading Maternal Grandsire Of ROM Race Qualifiers (See Charts In Front Of Book). ROM RACE OFFSPRING: Arizona Girl, Bill Doolin, Bill's Beggar, C Brown Breeze, C P D Q, Charro Bill V, Chicado V (dam of Triple Chick, Three Chicks, The Ole Man, etc.), Chicaro Deke, Chicaro Robin, Chipper Bill, Fleet F, Flicka, Little Bill, Parker's Chicaro, Rambling Gal, Senor Bill, Silver Bell H, Wooley. ROM ARENA OFFSPRING: Cotton Picker. PRODUCING DAUGHTERS: Arizona Girl, Bill's Babe, Bill's Liz, Black Taffeta, Blaze A, C Dart, Canova, Chicado V, Chicaro Annie, Chicaro Annie C, Chicaro Annie II, Chicaro Boldie, Chicaro Girl, Chicaro Jackie, Chicaro May, Chicaro Miss, Chicaro Snoopy, Chicaro Stop, Chicaro Sue, Chicaro's Judy, Fay Parker, Flapper Crawford, Fleet F, Flicka, Jenny L, little Midgett Jennings, Mable Crawford, Marina, Mary Mae, Miss Billy Bird, Miss Chicaro, Miss Myrna, Peggy D II, Pesadilla, Pigeon Toe Coffee, Pocahontas W, Rambling Gal, Sadie McKee.

Chief By Peter McCue. ROM RACE OFFSPRING: Black Polly, Miss Bonnie Chief, Miss Chief S, Pale Face, White Angel. PRODUCING DAUGHTERS: Black Polly, Brownie Goad, Lightfoot Rahill, Midnight Molly, Miss Chief, Miss Chief S, Pale Face, Salty Lady, White Angel.

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